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A year ago today, right around now, I told you that the MDA non-telethon raised $54.1 million. This morning, a year later, the number is $52.3 million. It’s about $2 million less than in 2013. And most of it, as it was last year and the year before, comes from corporate sponsors.

The ratings weren’t very good either for the “Show of Strength”: 1.57 million people watched at 9pm, and then the number fell to roughly 1 million. Of that group, o.2 were in the key demo 18-49. Of 30 different measured time slots, MDA was the lowest rated broadcast show except for “Bob’s Burgers” reruns on Fox.

The show, which no one saw, was like watching linoleum chip very slowly from a 1950s kitchen. Loved all the reading on screen. It was like a film strip or an overheard projector. I guess ABC gets credit for public service for the night. They would have been better off showing just the Dharma Initiative films from “Lost.”

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