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Joan Rivers is receiving an overwhelming amount of support, love, and prayers all over the internet. The New York Daily News reports that doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital have put Joan into a induced coma after an outpatient procedure at a nearby clinic went wrong yesterday. Rivers stopped breathing and may have suffered cardiac arrest. Her daughter, Melissa, has flown in from Los Angeles.

One reason Joan must wake up is to see what’s going on. After all the jokes and the carrying on, it turns out she’s occupied a bigger part of our lives and hearts than anyone could have guessed. Who knew? Joan Rivers is an international institution.

At 81, she is a survivor and a real emblem of the American dream. There’s nothing harder to do than what she’s achieved– a woman in a man’s world who would not give up or shut up, who always speaks her mind. She’s not always right but her batting average is World Series level. When the news broke Thursday morning that she was in trouble, the reaction was palpable. But Joan is a fighter. And everyone is rooting for her.


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  1. I love miss rivers I wish Melissa and cooper all the best my prayers to you both we we know people their like family Joan your family God Bless you!

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