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“You’d think they were royalty.” I’ve heard that a lot this week around Como, Italy about local movie star George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin. I’ve also heard that they’re getting married next week, next month, “the end of this month,” in Venice, right here in Como, or up at George’s house along the upper part of Lake Como.

One actual fact: it won’t be this month. Clooney is busy in the U.S. with a project. Also, Como is teeming with tourists.Every hotel is booked, the funicular is full, and there isn’t enough gelato to go around. (Actually there is– too much.)

At the legendary and amazing Villa D’Este, where I had lunch yesterday, no one knows a thing. The manicured grounds would be the perfect location for a star studded wedding, certainly. Beautiful people swan around. The heads of international banks take strolls. The sun glistens on a floating pool right on the lake.

Villa D’Este may be the most beautiful (and expensive) location within 100 miles of Clooney’s estate. But the very nice people there say they’re booked and haven’t had a word.

Around Como and its environs, pictures of George Clooney are hung in many establishments, from tabacs to 4 star restaurants. I asked in one place, “Does he come here?” The answer: no.

George does hang out at Harry’s Bar in Cernobbio, down river from his home. But he hasn’t been seen there in a while and no engagement parties are being planned.

At Villa D’Este they have a theory: the wedding is in England.

If only we could wait around and see. But Como means “we want all your money” in Italian. So we’ll have to hear about it from afar…

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