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There’s good news and bad news for Halle Berry’s series “Extant.”

The good news is that last night, “Extant” had the exact same number of viewers from the previous week: 5.91 million. And that’s very good, since two weeks ago the number was 6.43 million. So whoever watched the show last week came back last night.

The bad news is that 100,000 of those people got older and aged out of the key demo. Last week “Extant” had 1.1 in the demo 18-49. Last night, they were down to 1.0.

Explanation: this is what I would tell the network — people were a week older! Happens every week. What can you do?

Seriously, it was nice weather last night. Younger people went outside. Older people cuddled up with “Extant” and a warm glass of milk.

TV is brutal. But look. More people watched “Extant” than watched “So You Think You Can Dance.” That’s something!

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  1. If Extant were an all episodes available at once event online, it would have dominated. It’s a bit too slow and thoughtful for a youngish TV crowd–the acting and Halle Berry are pretty toned down.It’s not sexy or fast or violent. It mixes genres but thoughtfully and not in a show-offy way. The horror element is integrated and obscured beautifully. It’s a great show. Just not for TV. And–what do you expect when a one-hour summer show suddenly turns into a two-hour show. Why not just blow the show up? And the Scorpio trailers don’t help either. Supposedly smart young people doing sexy and violent things with Ferraris and aircraft!? Wow! Now that’s TV! And then we have to go back to the thoughtful Extant?

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