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Well, the Beyonce- Jay Z tour called On the Run is done. It was a big success. Now the New York Post says the couple, which they’ve insisted has a crumbling marriage and imminent divorce, are hiding out “together” at Gywneth Paltrow’s house in Los Angeles.

The Post wants it both ways: Bey and Jay are together and apart. They’re divorcing but are staying together. Which is it? Because except in fantasies, couples who don’t like each other and are done usually just split. With the tour over, there’s nothing to keep Beyonce Knowles and Shawn Carter in the same house.

Their Paris dates– September 12 and 13– are pretty well sold, too. They could just meet there, do the shows, and call it a day. Sonny and Cher worked together on national TV after their divorce. It’s been done.

Except for one thing– that, as I said weeks ago, there is no story. There’s no divorce. The whole thing was made up by tabloid writers desperate for copy. Beyonce and Jay Z are the non story of the summer of 2014.

Yeah, Beyonce’s sister Solange was upset about something in that elevator back in May. Was that staged, too? Maybe. You see, Beyonce and Jay Z are like a happily married couple on a soap opera. They are boring. So they needed a storyline to shake things up, get fans to buy tickets and gossip about them. And it worked like a charm.

But now? Now what? Sources say they will take trips, together and apart, they’ll be photographed, together and apart. Just like other people. But Jay won’t run off with Rihanna. Life will go on. But it was fun while it lasted.

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  1. J/Bey really knew how to get that extra $50M media time while selling those tickets. sure went quiet on this story when tour ended. master marketers both.

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