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EXCLUSIVE I’ve confirmed that Michael Jackson’s long ago abandoned Neverland Ranch is finally being sold. Colony Capital, which holds the note on the property, now known as Sycamore Valley Ranch, really has no choice. Neverland cannot be converted into a museum because of zoning laws in Santa Barbara County and in the town of Los Olivos. They will market and sell the property, although no sale has taken place yet.
The place was left high and dry by Michael Jackson in June 2005 after his acquittal on charges of child molestation and conspiracy. He never returned. Colony saved Neverland from foreclosure when they became Jackson’s partners. Before they intervened, Neverland was frittered away. Michael let the staff go without salaries for weeks on end. He did nothing to maintain it and had no interest in it. So let’s not romanticize the situation. When he left after the trial he said he wasn’t going back, and he didn’t.
Neverland was dismantled a long time ago, with all the rides and animals sold off to various entities. The contents of the home went into storage, and much of that has been sold. You can’t go back in time, kids. It’s sad, but it’s all over.
The property is currently appraised at around $30 million.

Here’s the statement from the Michael Jackson estate:

We are saddened at the prospect of the sale of Neverland which, under the agreement negotiated during Michael’s lifetime, Colony has the right to sell. The Estate will maintain Michael’s family home in Encino, including its iconic recording studio there. We continue to build upon Michael’s legacy as an artistic genius and humanitarian through his music and new projects such as the Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas. We hope and trust that any new owners of Neverland will respect the historical importance and special nature of this wonderful property. Michael’s memory lives on in the hearts of his fans worldwide.


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  1. “I was Michael Jackson’s personal ride consultant and developer for the private Neverland Valley Amusement Park at his 2,600 acre ranch near Los Olivos, California. Phase 1 of Michael’s amusement park project commenced in June 1990 when the site for the new park was ‘bare dirt’ and we worked closely together to June 1993 developing this long-time dream. Since the age of 17, Michael had dreamed of building his own private amusement park for ‘the children of the world’ — especially underprivileged, handicapped and terminally ill children — thus his wonderfully exciting and beautiful creation, Neverland Valley Park!

    Michael wrote a personal note to me in May 1992 on an amusement ride catalogue — ‘To Rob, The Maker of Dreams. Love Thanx Michael Jackson.’ Few were so closely involved inside Mike’s trusted and personal ‘inner circle’ of close associates and friends that included, Marlon and Miko Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, David E Nordahl (extarodinary artist) and Norma E Staikos, Michaels former executive administrator. I was blessed and very fortunate to have shared personal moments with all of them. One of the Neverland rides was in Sedgwick County during the fair. Swinson says it was Jackson’s favorite “wild action” ride – the Zipper.


    He always wanted to be remembered as a person, not as a personality. Michael Jackson will eternally be my friend, though now lost to the ages, and I will always be his “Maker of Dreams!”

    Of course the American injustice system made sure that Neverland would be destroyed.

    all based on the absurd claims of a mentally ill mother and her three actor offpsrings
    with a history of false sex abuse claims, perjuries and hustling celebrities for money

    just what you would expect from the land of freedom! A full fledged witch hunt!

    That sick country is obsessed with sex, money, have a ridiculous sensationalist mass media which
    doesn’t give a damn about boring, and a law enforcement filled with illogical, biased, unprofessional zealots

  2. Neverland is an iconic sight. It is something that I have dreamed of visiting for years. By selling it, we, as fans, are losing a piece of Michael. We don’t have much left, either. Children have come from all over to visit the ranch, what good is selling it? People have memories invested in Neverland. People who have nothing else to remember. The ranch shouldn’t be sold. It should stay open for children to visit. If the Jackson’s don’t own it, it won’t be the same. No one knows Michael better than his family! Prince should inherit Neverland. He’s almost 18.. Neverland would be something good for him to do to keep his father’s legend as a philanthropist alive! Keeping the ranch is something Michael, along with his fans and family, would want. I can’t imagine someone else owning some of Michael’s most prized possessions.

  3. Why doesn’t the Estate of Michael Jackson purchase the share of the property they don’t already own if they’re so “saddened”?

  4. You really are a prick Roger!! Tired of your horrible attitude towards MJ and for years you have been a hater wish you would crawl in a hole and just disappear. Get your fucking facts straight before your write your articles b/c there is so much wrong with this “article” Douchebag

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