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Word is coming out of Comic Con in San Diego: Quentin Tarantino has confirmed my May 24th scoop. “The Hateful Eight” will be shot. Tarantino says “in the next year.” But I was told in May — and reported it here– that actors were told to be in Wyoming by the end of November for principal photography. That’s everyone from Bruce Dern to Michael Madsen and all the Tarantino regulars except for Christoph Waltz. After winning two Oscars back to back in Tarantino films, Waltz, I guess is being rested. Sort of like a big league pitcher.

Here’s the original link: http://www.showbiz411.com/2014/05/24/exclusive-tarantino-movie-hateful-eight-has-november-start-date

I’m sure Harvey Weinstein will be encouraging Tarantino to make that November start. That way there’s a good chance of a December 2015 release. He’d even be able to show footage in Cannes by May.

By coincidence, I just happened to catch “Django Unchained” on Showtime this weekend. It really holds up. What a great movie.

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