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Get this: the creeps at MDA– Muscular Dystrophy Association– have found a new way to exploit Jerry Lewis. They’re currently holding a vote on their website for most popular performance ever on the Labor Day Telethon. It’s called “Vote for Your Favorite MDA Telethon Moments.”

Many of the clips are of Jerry himself. Those that aren’t are of A list celebrities who only did the show because of Jerry– like fellow Rat Packers Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

Only one problem: MDA famously kicked Jerry to the curb in 2010 after 50 years of dedicated service. They killed off the Labor Day telethon, too. Now it’s just a sad little prerecorded show on the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend on ABC. No one watches it, and no one cares.

MDA has gone to great lengths to scrub Lewis from its history. Without him, their fundraising has slowly diminished. Indeed, MDA customarily lies about how much money is taken in via their new show, including pre-arranged corporate donation.

At this point, I doubt Jerry cares. But it’s pretty tacky of MDA to promote all his clips– and just his clips. There’s nothing to vote on since he left save for one clip with will.i.am from 2012. Sad.

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  1. MDA Ihope he sues you for using his name and fame to promote yourself. He was your meal ticket and you destroyed him. Anybody can look on YouTube for his 2012 mda where he broke down on stage in tears. I will never watch or give you a cent because of what you did to him, they were Jerry’s kids, it was his telethon, jerry will never walk alone but you dug your own grave.

  2. After what they did to Jerry Lewis I would never give them another nickle. Very stupid people over there at the MDA.Jerry you are the best!

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