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Oscar winner Halle Berry’s foray into TV may be over soon. Her much hyped sci fi CBS series, “Extant,” dropped 27% in the ratings last night from one week ago.

“Extant” scored just a 1.1 in the key demo, even though it did manage to pull in 6.43 million viewers. Still, it didn’t hold much of the lead it was given by annual junk fest, “Big Brother.” On NBC, “America’s Got Talent” swamped the time period.

At this rate, “Extant” will be extinct soon enough. The show has a great provenance, coming from Steven Spielberg and Amblin TV. It has the feel of Spielberg’s Stanley Kubrick film, “AI Artificial Intelligence.” But it’s just not clicking with anyone of any age so far. And CBS is an older skewing network anyway, not the place where hip sci fi is discovered or followed.

Halle, one of my favorite actresses, may be headed back to movies. And soon.


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  1. It probably didn’t help any that every photo I’ve seen from the show, Berry looks like a deer caught in the headlights. If your lead star can’t sell the show, it’s not going to be sold. She’ll be better off in movies, anyway…

  2. The problem with Extant is it is taking too long to get to the point. By the 3rd episode you should have an idea of what is going on. At least on Lost you knew they were “lost” on an island. On “Under the Dome” . . well there is a dome. On “Falling Skies” you know you are dealing with Aliens. On Extant I am not sure what I am dealing with: Artificial intelligence, Aliens, Military experiments . . . . “LOST” was confusing, but I got the point of the picture.

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