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It sounds like Leonardo Di Caprio and celeb pals had a great time in St. Tropez last night. Reports are that Leo raised $25 million for his personal foundation.

Unfortunately, we will never know the details. Unlike most private foundations, Leo’s does not stand alone. It doesn’t have to share information publicly. The Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation is part of the California Community Fund. Here’s what a spokesperson told me recently: “As a community foundation we are a public charity and our financial information is available online.  The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is a component fund of CCF and does not file a separate 990 like a private foundation.”

Many high end artists donated expensive works to Leo’s auction. That’s how amFAR claims these huge amounts from an event. Billionaires or companies come in and snatch them up for five, ten, fifteen million bucks a pop. This offsets all the celebs attending for free. (No actors or celebs actually buy their own tickets to charity events.) But we’ll never know unless Leo converts his Foundation to its own business.

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