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That may be it for Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Sony made a curious announcement today. “The Sinister Six” is the next “Spider Man” movie, not “The Amazing Adventures of Spider man 3.” The latter film has now been pushed to 2016, with a fourth installment for 2018. This throws the Garfield franchise off by two years.

And it may well spell the end for Garfield. He’s going to do Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” next. An accomplished actor on stage and screen, Garfield may not want to stay in Spidey’s red and blue suit for most of his 30s. The studio may not want him to either since Peter is supposed to be young. (It’s amazing that I’m thinking Garfield wouldn’t be considered young. (I feel like he just started acting!)

On top of that, Garfield’s real life love, Emma Stone, has been killed off from the “Amazing” series. With Stone gone, Garfield may have lost interest.

All of this comes as a surprise. When “Sinister Six” was first announced, even Deadline’s Mike Fleming suggested it would come in between the next two “Amazing” movies.  But with this flip flop, Sony extends their Marvel connection through 2018 as they plot maybe even a second “Sinister Six” movie (2020?) and so on.

Garfield could conceivably play Peter in “Sinister Six” and then bow out. (That movie doesn’t sound like it will have much room for Peter to have a romance.) He’d be approximately the same age as Tobey Maguire was when he did his third and last “Spider Man” movie. Who would play Peter Parker next? Why whoever the next hot young guy in his late 20s is two years from now.

Stay tuned Spidey fans…

PS This most certainly has something to do with another Sony announcement this week. Jeff Blake, a 22 year beloved mainstay in charge of marketing and distribution, is leaving. This is a big change. Sony is a little bit in flux now…

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  1. Let me clarify something. He has loved this character for many years. Ever since he was a child. So I am sure he will do this last movie. He loves the character too much you dumbasses so stop criticizing his performance and leave him alone.

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