Home business CBS Keeps Stephen Colbert in Ed Sullivan Theater–Because They Own It

Laughing at the press release today from CBS regarding Stephen Colbert. Yes, his Late Show will remain at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway and 53rd St. Why? Because CBS owns the place, kids! They bought it for the Letterman show in the 90s and paid $4.5 million for it. Funny that CBS waited so long since they took over the running of the Ed Sullivan Theater in 1936, long before Sullivan stepped foot on stage.

Anyway, where did  you think Colbert was going to do the show? There was never a question about it. Of course, the announcement is a relief to the people who work there. But CBS and that theater have too much history. That’s where the Beatles started their careers. And so it shall remain.

Bigger questions are whether Colbert will have a band and musical guests, do a monologue, or play himself.  And whither Paul Shaffer? And when will Letterman end his run? (Probably February ratings sweep.)

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