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“Saturday Night Live” chief Lorne Michaels is getting ready to head West. He needs new performers for the fall season after losing several stars and firing a few non starters.

In the last year, “SNL” has lost Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig, not to mention Seth Meyers. The show is also short of leading men after Michaels tossed Brooks Wheelan and John Milhiser. Nasim Pedrad and Noel Wells are also gone, depleting the female side of the show.

That leaves from the older cast Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah, and Bobby Moynihan, who are dependable, talented and more needed now more than ever.

On the female side, the show boasts a true star in Kate McKinnon, who’s nominated for an Emmy Award and is on the verge of being a Tina-Amy-Kristen.

Michaels and staff will hit Portland, Oregon next week, where comedy is apparently very big. By the end of August they will have been to most major cities and will see any comic who’s built even a slight following.

“SNL” has been through these changes before, and Michaels has always been able to find the right mix of new performers. Somewhere out there a new Bill Murray or Dana Carvey lurks.

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  1. Cast is too big. If you’re going to keep Kenan, then why bother hiring new cast members who aren’t going to be given a chance anyway? You just did that last season. Whittle down the writing staff and eliminate the pointless celebrity/alumni cameos every week. Let new cast members actually do something on the show. We’ve seen everything Kenan has to offer, and it was never much to begin with.

  2. “Flo” (Stephanie Courtney) of the Progressive Insurance commercials would be a good choice, but it would probably be a pay cut for her! She came out of the improv scene in LA, and would kick butt on SNL.

  3. What they need are better writers, not a new cast of generic hipster kids with matted-down hair, black-rimmed glasses and skinny pants. Hear that, “SNL”? You need BETTER WRITERS. You’re too worried about offending or just not communicating, but the show is never going to be funny again if you refuse to take chances.

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