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Sting and Trudie Styler’s youngest daughter Eliot (her friends and family know her as Coco) is a star. Her single, “Information,” drops next week. Here it is. It’s a total hit. Eliot (Coco) is something of a musical prodigy in a family of six kids, all of whom are successful and industrious. (Eliot’s sister Mickey is a hot actress right now. Her brother Jake is an in-demand filmmaker.)

Why did Coco change back to her actual birth name? She says, “It’s now or never. I’m proud of the music I’m making and it’s time to take ownership by putting my real name on it.” She’s right. Eliot is a phenomenal songwriter who won’t be inhibited by the shadow of a famous father. She’s an individual talent!

I can’t wait to put this song on my iPod. Catchy is an understatement!

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