Home Theater Broadway: Bullets Over Broadway to Close on August 24

“Bullets over Broadway” will close on Broadway on August 24th. The Woody Allen-Susan Stroman show is one several fatalities this season. This one should have been a winner, but from the beginning it was trouble. Woody himself told me recently he knew the show wasn’t going to last, but he was philosophical about it– he was just concerned about the investors.

Here’s something everyone can learn from this episode. “The Bridges of Madison County” closed fast, as did “Big Fish. They were awful, stinkers. “Catch Me If You Can” came and went. What do these shows all have in common? They are adapted from movies. The idea that any movie can be turned into a theater production is wrong. Doesn’t this prove it? They are often adapted directly, and hastily. Maybe now producers will have second thoughts.

Any way, “Bullets” had a lot to recommend it including Stroman’s choreography. See it if you can before August 24th.

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