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Exclusive: Scarlett Johansson has a busy second half of the summer. Her movie “Lucy” opens Friday with Morgan Freeman. And five weeks from now the Oscar nominee and Tony winner will give birth to a baby girl on around Labor Day. How appropriate!

Looking back at some clips from the winter, TMZ declared that Scarlett was five months pregnant back on March 3rd. That was almost 5 months ago. And still, no baby! What the heck happened? Did they send the baby gifts or what?

Today the New York Post says Scarlett will marry father of the baby Romain Duriac in the next month. The whole thing should be a close call. They also say that the baby was due in March. I’m thinking maybe Scarlett just stayed pregnant to thwart all the tabloid speculation! Eventually, she will have to give birth. She has a lot of movies lined up!

As for “Lucy” no one’s seen it yet, and Universal is holding reviews back to the last minute. I have no idea why French producer-director Luc Besson is still hot in Hollywood. His resume is littered with disasters. Maybe people like saying his name. His last movie, “The Family,” was roundly panned and made only $36 million in the US. Of course, it was cheap. Relatively.


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