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I don’t know why the Television Academy can’t send out a simple proper list of nominees. Anyway, the big news is that “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” are still killing it for Netflix. Michael Sheen was snubbed for “Masters of Sex” but Lizzie Caplan made it in. Jane Fonda was nominated for “The Newsroom” and Robert Morse was nommed for “Mad Men” and they should each win. “Mad Men” was also nominated for Best Drama. Keep refreshing. It takes 15 people to pull apart these ridiculous press releases of the nominations not announced on TV this morning.
By the way, buried in this mess is Kate McKinnon’s nomination for Best Supporting Actress on “SNL.” She deserves to win. She’s the breakout star of this group of “SNL” performers. And Christina Hendricks was nominated from “Mad Men.” But “Mad Men” hasn’t got a single writing nomination, and John Slattery was snubbed again. Oy vey.
Drama Series
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men
True Detective
Comedy Series
Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
Orange is the New Black
Silicon Valley
Lead Actor in a Drama
Jeff Daniels
Jon Hamm
Woody Harrelson
Matthew McConaughey
Kevin Spacey
Lead Actress in a Drama
Lizzy Caplan
Claire Danes
Michelle Dockery
Julianna Marguiles
Kerry Washington
Robin Wright
Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie
Benedict Cumberbatch
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Idres Elba
Martin Freeman
Mark Ruffalo
Billy Bob Thornton
Lead Actor in a Comedy
Louie CK
Don Cheadle
Ricki Gervais
Matt Leblanc
William H Macy
Jim Parsons

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