Home Celebrity Confirmed: Jack Nicholson Is NOT in the Warren Beatty “Howard Hughes” Movie

This is sort of a non story. But I got so many whispered messages and emails that Jack Nicholson would “definitely” be in Warren Beatty’s new Howard Hughes movie, I had to check it out.

Alas, and alack, I’ve confirmed that Jack is not in the movie. He continues to live a wonderful life devoid of having go to work. Well, most people his age have retired. But Jack is ageless.

I’m told that scripts come in. But they are mostly “variations on the Bucket List,” says an insider. Nothing unique has been offered. And Jack doesn’t need to pursue the same path as many in his generation– making lots of forgettable films.

So while we wait, we can download, or stream to whatever Five Easy Pieces, About Schmidt, As Good As It Gets, Chinatown, The Last Detail and so on…

Viva Jack Nicholson!

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  1. […] Jack Nicholson – Jack is simply a legend. What can I say about him that hasn’t already been said? His last movie was 2010, but his last good movie (The Departed) was 2006. There have been rumors that he has stopped acting because of memory problems, but he said that isn’t true in a 2013 interview. At 77, he says that he’s just less driven “to be out there anymore”, but of course, that could be spin. He has no projects whatsoever in the pipeline. There were rumors for a while that he would be in Warren Beatty’s new Howard Hughes film, but it has been confirmed to be untrue. […]

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