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Are people really this dumb? On tonight’s Late Show with David Letterman, the host pretends to be affronted and walks out on guest Joan Rivers. CBS released an official clip that got picked up everywhere after 7pm, to promote the Letterman show. Did people really take this seriously? It was a JOKE. It was a GAG. Well, anything to pump up ratings. Joan has promoted her new book with a lot of media savvy, including walking off of CNN in a “huff.” Joan Rivers is a marketing genius, kids. Watch amazon.com and see if it helps sales. What I really think is hilarious is that I’ve known Joan since the 80s, appeared several times on her talk shows, and now her publicist refuses to put her on the phone with me. Joan, if you’re out there, fire her and call me.

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  1. That is just how mindless, some people have become , sitting in front of the boob tube..They believe everything they see on tv and dont realize they are being manipulated , for profit..
    The entertainment industry is a money making business..That is the key,

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