Home Media Paul McCartney Animated Film a “Go” as Rocker Resumes Tour After Illness

Paul McCartney is back, in a big way. I can tell you EXCLUSIVELY that while Sir Paul was recuperating from his recent illness he moved plans forward for his animated film. I told you about this project almost exactly three years ago.

Since then, a couple of things have happened. I’m told that producers Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye have received a finished script that everyone’s happy with.

Second: Offers are out to directors, and one will be named before the end of the summer. Originally, Tony Bancroft (“Mulan”) was rumored, but he may not be the choice after all.

McCartney and wife Nancy were in the Hamptons as Paul readied for the resumption of his “Out There” tour in Albany on July 5th. Sources tell me Paul’s illness– a viral infection — was definitely “serious.” But by all accounts the Albany show was a huge success. The forever Beatle continues his killer concert schedule. He is not to be missed.

Today McCartney is releasing a video for a song called “Early Days” from his “New” album. It’s too bad someone involved with that album couldn’t have chosen an actual catchy single like “Looking at Her.”

Johnny Depp is featured. Why? I do not know.


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