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Has Miley Cyrus already worn out her welcome? On Sunday night NBC put aside two hours for a Miley special based on her “Bangerz” tour. The results were not heartening. Miley had just 2 million viewers. Only 700,000 of them were between 18-49. The rest, I would guess, were younger than 18 since no one older than 50 could possibly be interested.

And it’s not like it was a low viewing night. But Miley’s special came in 12th for the evening behind everything else on broadcast TV. Twelfth. It does sort of suggest that the only people who wondered if she was twerking were asleep or had the set tuned to NBC by mistake.

More amazing since Miley has 18.2 million Twitter followers who were fed reminders before and throughout the show. Apparently all that social networking didn’t move anyone to click the remote in her favor. Lesson learned? I think so.

What’s the problem? The Bangerz theme ran its course months ago, Miley is over-saturated, everyone is sick of the wrecking ball, the Terry Richardson pictures, and so on and so forth. It’s time for Miley to get some home schooling, take a nice break, and leave the stage for a little while. And when she comes back, it has to be something fresh.

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