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I am thrilled to report that John Carney’s “Begin Again” had a huge holiday weekend. The estimated take for the five days is $1.7 million, with a theater average of $9,680. That’s big, big, big.

Now we have to get Interscope to release and promote Adam Levine singing “Lost Stars.” Otherwise, it will be a lost opportunity. “Lost Stars” should be the song of the summer. The problem, Interscope is worried that it will conflict with Maroon 5’s “Maps” single. I don’t think so. “Maps” isn’t very good. “Lost Stars” can only help Maroon 5 this fall.

When you see “Begin Again” look for the great scenes in the record companies. Rob Morrow and Mos Def play execs, and they get it straight on. And make sure to wait through the final scenes that run with the closing credits. There’s a plot twist that’s all too contemporary in the record business.


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