Home Movies No Fireworks for Melissa McCarthy’s “Tammy” While “Transformers” Keeps Stomping

Friday’s box office proves that the only Fourth of July fireworks were in the sky, not theaters. Melissa McCarthy’s poorly reviewed “Tammy” did about $6.5 million, bringing its three day total to $18.1 million. It’s not bad considering the movie wasn’t particularly expensive at $20-$30 million. But it’s a disappointment considering McCarthy’s TV audience and recent movie appearances should have generated more heat.

“Transformers” just keeps rolling along at number 1. Paramount has made around $420 million worldwide so far. They’ll easily hit the half billion dollar mark. I keep thinking of Mary Hartman stumbling on a Nielsen “family” in a mental hospital. Who else could be going to see this thing?

Meantime, everyone says to me, “There are no movies to see.” There are: “Begin Again” and “Chef” are jus two. And don’t miss “Jersey Boys” if you’re an adult. You will love it.

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