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Here’s the update on my story from yesterday. Jennifer Lopez made approximately $8,584 last week from sales of her “AKA” album. That’s also the number of copies she sold of that CD/digital download. Artists generally $1 per sold album. So that’s what JLO made. “AKA” dropped 75% in its second week. This means that total sales didn’t cover a night out on the town for Lopez.

Meanwhile, Robin Thicke’s “Paula” album is at number 33 on amazon. On iTunes, digital only, it remains at number 8. Ouch! Nothing is happening.

Mariah Carey’s “Me I Am Mariah” is just gone, period, after five weeks.

The new kids on the block: Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Lana del Rey.

PS The fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death did not stimulate sales of his records. Why didn’t Sony or someone call for a moment of silence on June 25th, and ask radio stations to play “Gone Too Soon”?

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  1. This is because the quality of the music these days is a far cry from the artists of the past, now, it all about cheap studio tricks computer generated phony sounding tracks that even the kids of today’s music buying public,”DON’T WANT” Until the Industry comes up with a better standard by which all music is considered, this Sub-Standard junk music will continue to be a detriment to all music overall

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