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Yikes! It’s worse than I thought. Robin Thicke’s “Paula” album opened on iTunes today at number 8, and at 76 on amazon.com. That’s after his dreary appearance on the BET Awards this past weekend.

(By the way: this is for real time sales today. The number 1 album last week, just about to be announced, is from our favorite contemp pop balladeer Ed Sheeran.)

What a difference a year makes. “Blurred Lines” was last year’s ubiquitous song of the summer. The album didn’t sell that well, however. The total so far is just over 731,000 copies– not even a million although the single sold over 14 million digital copies.

But “Paula” looks doomed unless Thicke’s all day adventure tomorrow on ABC– “GMA,” “The View,” and “Jimmy Kimmel”–can stimulate sales. But the video for the first song is so weird and awful, and the lack of real build up for this release, spells a sales disaster come next Monday. After Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez’s failures, this is another misstep for the record biz this summer.

What does this all mean? For Thicke it means that without a real dance hit, and no Pharrell to help him, he’s squandered all the good vibes he got from “Blurred Lines.” He’s obviously turned off his base of female fans– already angry about the “rape” connotations from “Blurred Lines” and its X rated video. On “Paula” he pretty much admits to serial cheating on Patton. That’s not a way to woo a female audience.

For Carey and Lopez, it’s different things. Carey seems genuinely besotted with her kids and maybe just doesn’t care about chart positions right now. Lopez should take a cue from Janet Jackson and bow out gracefully now. Mechanized, tricked up music has run its course for those two.


As for Robin Thicke convincing Paula Patton to re-start their marriage, I don’t know: will it work if the record is a flop? I don’t think so unless she feels bad for him. Cue the puppy dog eyes.

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  1. Lindsay, Spotify and other streaming services are not the problem. A lazy public that cannot recognize, appreciate and support real talent is the problem. Pre-fab “stars” are about the last thing that deserve support.

    The music industry deserves this failure, and I for one am euphoric that the suits are losing their shirts over this.

  2. I’ll jump in here to say that I hope Janet Jackson does tour again. I’m a big fan, actually. She was smart enough to go take a break and figure out what she wants to do next. She knows what it means when she sings What have you done for me lately?

  3. Roger Friedman is so correct, Jlo should exit the music industry like Janet Jackson after her last album turn out to be a big disaster in sales, the public already has seen her a message after this last album release to get out of the music industry?

  4. I think it’s kind of unfortunate to have artists who actually worked for their albums get abysmal sales in return. When this year’s top selling album so far – Beyonce – can’t even reach 2 million in America, then there’s a problem with the industry. You have Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services to blame for the downfall of albums and the rise of come-and-go singles. Singles is where all the action is right now. I encourage these veteran artists to ride in on this.

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