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Robin Thicke continued his public campaign to woo back wife Paula Patton last night on the BET Awards. He sat at a piano and played a new song, “Forever Love,” which he dedicated to Patton. He said “I’m sorry” to her. And listening to the new “Paula” album, it’s pretty clear what he’s sorry for. It’s a strange gambit: admitting that he cheated on and hurt her, acknowledging that she’s over it, and still he still goes on.

It also seems clear that he and Patton aren’t really talking. It’s just a public thing, and he’s involved us in it. But what’s it really about? Thicke is said to be worth $15 million. His biggest year was 2013, with “Blurred Lines.” Patton could grab half his worth plus have a stake in future earnings. They’ve been together since high school and have a child together. Robin is “thick.” If he can patch up the marriage, he saves a lot of money.

Am I cynical? These people grew up in Hollywood. He’s the son of a TV star who left his mother, a soap opera star.


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