Home Celebrity TV: “CSI: Cyber” Adds Characters to New Show Starring Patricia Arquette

The new “CSI: Cyber” already stars Patricia Arquette, Gil Bellows, and Torrey Devito among others. But the cast must be growing, as word went out today that Carol Mendelsohn and co have more characters to cast.

For Arquette, it’s going to be quite a summer between filming “CSI: Cyber” and starring in Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood”– the latter is released next month and will be an awards magnet in the fall. She and Ethan Hawke are outstanding in that wonderful film.

For “CSI: Cyber” Arquette’s lead character will be joined by a leading man named Elijah, in his 30s, a CSI Unit Supervisor. He’s described as an “action junkie” who is “ruggedly sexy, smart and dreamy. He is the most liked man at the FBI, all the guys want to hang with him and all the girls want to sleep with him.”

There’s “Dia,” in her mid 20s-early thirties, who’s supposed to be “beautiful, smart, she is a bad ass and
won’t put up with any bullshit from anyone. Everyone thinks she’s rich, but she’s a blue-collar girl who grew up in DC.”

More characters, as I am told: Steve, in his mid 40s– “Career FBI insider, politically savvy, shrewd networker”…

Daniel– Early 30s, A social introvert. “To see him, the last thing you’d think is FBI Agent. But behind the computer, he’s a stone cold node killer. This is one human eyesore you don’t want to cross.”

Any ideas who you’d like to see on this show? Let me know…

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