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Remember the good old days when Brian Oxman was fired in the parking lot of the Santa Maria courthouse by Tom Mesereau? Oxman always presented himself on TV as “the Jackson family lawyer” or spokesman. He was neither. Randy Jackson forced Mesereau to put Oxman on Michael’s defense team in the 2005 child molestation trial. I was there the day Oxman fell asleep in court.

Flash forward: Oxman was disbarred last year by the California State Bar Association. His wife, also a lawyer, was suspended for 18 months. Oxman had nothing to lose, so he sued the Bar. Today, his case was dismissed, according to L.A.’s Westside Today.

Oxman was disbarred for mixing funds from a trust account with his own, then obstructing the investigation. He sued the Bar, and all its Board of Trustees. Again, what did he have to lose? So the whole thing was thrown it, and that’s it, he can’t practice law ever again.

A nice flourish as we get to the 5th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. He is no doubt smiling widely in heaven over this one.

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