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Exclusive: “Mad Men” star Rich Sommer, who plays Harry with very thick muttonchop sideburns, has been added to the new Sally Field comedy, “Hello My Name is Doris.” Michael Showalter co-wrote the script and will direct. Also joining the film is Jack Antonoff, better known as one of third of the pop group Fun (“We Are Young”). Antonoff is also known as Lena Dunham’s boyfriend.

Two time Oscar winner Sally Field co-stars with Max Greenfield, the guy who plays Schmidt on “New Girl”, along with Beth Behrs. Sally is a 60ish single woman who takes a self-help class. The result is that she dates a younger guy who turns her onto the hipster scene. I don’t know how that sounds, but everyone involved is pretty talented so we’ll hope for the best.

Showalter takes a big step here. He comes from the comedy troupe The State, has done a lot of acting and writing, but this is his first directing job.


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