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Jennifer Lopez and manager Benny Medina must be steaming. Her “AKA” album is predicted to finish its debut week with just 30-35,000 copies sold. It’s a total disaster since Lopez’s last album did 83,000 copies and that was considered a flop. This is well below that.

The irony is that JLO is now signed to Capitol Records, which is now part of Universal Music. Capitol this week launched a British soul singer who’s sort of Boy George without the flamboyant outfits.  Capitol has put a ton of money into Smith, guaranteeing him the number 1 slot and between 130-150,000 copies for his debut.

“AKA” has not made further up the iTunes chart than number 9 so far. On amazon, the physical CD is around number 20. Lopez has appeared on “Good Morning America” with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight show. But nothing is lighting a fire under its sales.

Here’s a great PR idea: have Lopez and Mariah Carey, who are sort of mortal enemies, appear together somewhere. They should sing “Enough is Enough.” (I doubt this will happen.)

Interesting, isn’t it? Carey and Lopez’s peer, Janet Jackson, sort of saw all this coming. She’s more or less retired from recording. She saw the writing on the wall. Of the three, Carey has the surest chance of a comeback. She’s got the Voice.

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  1. JLo doesn’t need a comeback since she is very active at the moment!!!!! She is not a singer, she is an entertainer, she does not rely on her records to maintain her persona in Hollywood and the world! Critics really do not have it together, she also knows she is not a powerful singer and then you think she needs to cares that he record sales are low in comparison to Mariah Carey????

  2. I think it’s pretty pathetic that Friedman always finds a way to try to throw salt on Janet’s name even in articles that have absolutely nothing to do with her. Friedman is a complete moron.

  3. I absolutely CANNOT STAND this Roger Friedman person! He just had to throw Janet’s name in their somewhere to debase her even though this article has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with her!

  4. Have you not heard Mariah sing live lately….the voice is NOT as good. And Janet is working on an album. I think with the right promotion…it could be a great comeback.

  5. por favor quien quiere escuchar disparates, JLO que deje eso, que lo único que ella tiene es que es bonita, pero su música no GUSTA

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