Home Celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio Pledges $7 Million More to Ocean Conservation

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio just pledged $7 million more to ocean conservation projects, in addition to the $3million he already has donated to the Oceana Foundation. DiCaprio made the announcement this morning at the US State Department conference on the Oceans. The actor brought his mother and several family friends (unsure if supermodels were involved) to discuss the serious subject of how to protect the world’s oceans and their inhabitants. DiCaprio makes the donations from his private foundation. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing more on that subject because the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is not free-standing. It’s part of a fund that doesn’t break down numbers. So we’ll just take everyone’s word for it. DiCaprio is undoubtedly serious about his commitment to ocean conservation and renewal. It’s not as fishy as it sounds.

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