Home Television Barbara Walters Didn’t Retire After All, Snags Interview with Assassin’s Dad

Barbara Walters retired… from The View… on May 16th. Today is June 9th. She has come out of retirement. If she ever was in it. Walters will interview Peter Rodger, father of Elliot Rodger, who killed all those people in Santa Barbara. The interview will air on “20/20” when ABC doesn’t care how old the correspondents look. They just wanted her off The View, where young people buy stuff from ads. Barbara has not retired, and will not retire. She will interview people until she stops breathing, at which time an Avatar or Hologram will take over. ABC News does not know what they’re dealing with. Cue Jennifers Holliday and Hudson: “Am I telling you I’m not going.” Get it, Ben Sherwood? You know Putin is next.

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