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“The Fault in Our Stars” was a big hit over the weekend but not quite what everyone thought it would be. After a huge Friday night– $26.1 million– there was a tremendous fall off in ticket sales. Most films exponentially take in three times’ their Friday sales. But “Fault” finished with $48.2 million for three days. That first night included the $8 million previews from Thursday plus inflated ticket prices. Still, considering the movie cost $12 million — $20 million altogether, “Fault” is a winner on all fronts.

None of this was good news for Tom Cruise. “Edge of Tomorrow,” directed by Doug Liman, and a very cool movie at that, could not compete. The days of teenage girls weeping and swooning over Cruise are kinda over. The sci fi action thriller barely mustered $29.1 million for the weekend. Considering “Edge” has a pricetag of $200 million, that figure isn’t encouraging. Internationally, “Edge” isn’t doing much better. The foreign take is now $60 million.But again, Cruise’s big territories– South Korea, Russia, and Australia– haven’t seen the film.


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