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As we await the publication of Hillary Clinton’s “Hard Choices” next Tuesday, here’s a little more about her ghostwriter, Ted Widmer. Like Bill Clinton, Widmer has a musical background. He was once part of the stunningly unsuccessful Boston rock band called the Upper Crust. The group actually played gigs and appeared on Conan O’Brien’s NBC show. Widmer was called Dr.Lord Rockingham during his 1995-97 term. (Correction thanks to some sharp readers!)

The group soldiered on without Widmer, putting out CDs and a DVD called “Horse & Buggery.” The premise was that they dressed like 18th century French aristocrats, wore the requisite white wigs, and spoke with English accents. This is our youth! Widmer emailed me: “…that was a lifetime ago — the early 90s. Was fun though.”

Not as much fun, I’m sure, as writing and researching “Hard Choices.”



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  1. Upper Crust rules! Contrary to the article, it was “Lord Rockingham,” not “Dr. Rockingham.” And “stunningly unsuccessful” is also a glaring factual error.

  2. Upper Crust was a pretty cool band. Unsuccessful? They’re a novelty garage rock band. I bet they sold more records than the Mummies… (!! not saying they’re better than the Mummies, mind you).

  3. Hillary Clinton seems to be the one the media and the non-thinking US population wants as their next President, or at least that is what the media is always telling us. I guess the old adage of if you tell a lie often enough people will begin to believe you. Clinton’s record as a Senator from New York shows no accomplishments. Clinton’s record as Secretary of State shows she denied repeated requests from the Ambassadors office in Libya which resulted in four Americans murdered. I guess she won’t be bragging about that. Clinton’s record as to wanting to be President of the US results in many parties with drinking and dancing, getting her head banged and getting mad at Congress for having the gall to ask her about Benghazi which was her fault and there was no video because that was proven to be a lie made up in the Oval Office. Clinton’s record as an author. Millions of dollars in her deep pockets and no books she wrote because she had to hire out people to write them for her. So I guess she’s a failure there also and you want her for President? One could say she couldn’t be any worse than the incompetent coward we have now though that is not much of an endorsement is it?

  4. Upper Crust was (is?) one of the most amazing live bands I’ve ever seen. AC/DC sound in makeup and powdered wigs. Hilarious and rocking. I didn’t plan on reading this book but have to give it a try just based on this. Let them eat rock!

  5. The Upper Crust is the greatest band of all times. For the author to call them “stunningly unsuccessful” is stunningly ignorant.

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