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Peter Asher has not complained to me. I haven’t even talked to him about this. But the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame edited his induction speech of Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog Oldham to shreds on Saturday night’s HBO broadcast. Asher started Apple Records, discovered James Taylor, produced his albums and Linda Ronstadt’s as well as managed them, was one half of a 60s super duo (Peter & Gordon)…Need I go on? It’s utter disrespect to him, to Epstein’s memory, and to Oldham.

By the numbers…

Time dedicated at the ceremony to the Brian Epstein & Andrew Oldham induction:  10 minutes. (7 minutes speech & 3 minutes video clips)
Time dedicated on the HBO special to the entire Brian Epstein & Andrew Oldham induction: 1 minute 39 seconds.
Number of words in Peter Asher’s original speech for both inductees:  922 words
Number of words in Peter Asher’s speech as edited for HBO:  237 words
Time spent specifically referring to Brian Epstein: 30 seconds
Number of words specifically about Brian Epstein: 76 words
Time spent specifically referring to Andrew Oldham: 33 seconds
Number of words specifically about Andrew Oldham: 81 words
You can click on the jpeg below to see what they cut in red. No one should pay any attention to these people anymore. And Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band should feel used. They were the main entertainment for the night, for free. The Hall of Shame will make a bundle off of them.
Asher cut-down (2)

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