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UPDATE 8/12: EXCLUSIVE Cary Fukunaga, director and producer of “True Detective” on HBO, has a new credit. Sources tell me he’s exec producing a new film called “Black Kid.” The director is Rob Meyer, and screenplay is by Annie J. Howell. An offer is said to be out now to a name black actor to play the title character’s father– the title character is a mixed race 12 year old who moves from the city to Idaho with his parents.

I’m told the film will shoot in New York state, however, substituting for the potato center of the world. And while the central theme is about a biracial pre-teen, as far as I can tell everyone working on the film is white. But that’s the magic of filmmaking.

There are a few producers, most notably Jared Ian Goldman, who worked on two films I really liked: “The Wackness” and “Solitary Man.”

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