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Mariah Carey’s new album, “The Elusive Chanteuse,” is streaming on iTunes Radio (if you can figure it out let me know). The album is officially released on May 27 th but reviews are coming in. Carey has surprised everyone again, and put together a hot collection of new songs that should send her right to the top of the charts. Good for her!

All the songs are original but one. And that one, called “One More Try,” is going to be a huge hit both on radio and in concert. And it was written and recorded by George Michael in 1985. “One More Try” has over 9 million views on You Tube. But I think Carey’s version is superior, much more gospel and R&B.

I can’t feature Carey’s track yet. Here’s George’s:


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  1. Well said Dale!! George Michael sings this song beautifully and it is one of my favourites. Mariah Carey has great vocals but cannot match that soothing, magical tone of the best vocalist and songwriter in the world…the amazing George Michael!

  2. Sorry, but nothing tops an original when it’s someone as amazing vocally as GM. Especially since he wrote it. I adore Mariah’s best songs written for her, but GM is unreal, and the best vocalist I’ve seen live. I’m sure Mariah will sing the heck out of it, but nothing will overcome the original.

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