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Music fans have not responded well to Michael Jackson’s hologram 3D whatever it was visit from the grave on Sunday’s Billboard Music awards.

Jackson’s “Xscape” album is finding favor only on amazon.com, where it’s number 2 this morning in CD sales. But the album is number 5 in digital sales on amazon, and the single “Slave to the Rhythm” is way down the charts.

On iTunes, which is a better bellwether, “Xscape” is number 5. “Slave,” the song that was showcased on the awards, is in the 40s. The Justin Timberlake duet on “Love Never Felt So Good” is in the 20s.

Apparently, the gimmick of Jackson re-animated didn’t have the effect Jackson’s estate was hoping for. The core Jackson fans may be buying multiples of the CD on amazon to keep it afloat chartwise, but in the digital world the larger music audience did not rush to their devices.

And some may be mixing it up with Grace Jones’s 1985 hit “Slave to the Rhythm.” On amazon, the more popular search for a song with that title is Jones’s, not Jackson’s.


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  1. Eh, excuse me, but perhaps you’d be considered more open, honest and less bias if you cared to mention that, ‘Xscape’ shot to # 1 in over 50 counties on the worldwide iTunes chart – including being high in the top 10 in many other countries.

    The Black Keys (Unknown to many before this) basically showed a very public rant of disrespect toward another artist who has passed away. Then, they display more brat-like behaviour by making desperate pleas to fans (And anyone else who cared to listen), to go out and buy their album, simply in order to prevent MJ reaching #1? How childish, and quite embarrassing Unbelievable! This desperate outburst amounted to nothing but a very public and childish tantrum.

  2. I think this article is another piece of sh*t by Presstitudes. Of course you can’t fool people with that fake hologram plus impersonator plus nothing artistic and spiritual near to MJ . . The choreography and remix are all not Michael. It’s not Michael at all. The stage design is not Michael neither. Do you know the whole thing looks like for me. It looks like MJ for the entertainment industry is diabolic, you project to the world him like a devil king ruling over dark world of magic. Even by your so called high tech special effect in this project , apparently you still spent far less money than what Michael would did in his short films. You didn’t do enough, not enough at all!!!!! . You (the usurpers of MJ Estates and those big record companies and the presstitudes)make a fool of yourself. The only thing that is Michael is his voice and the other thing closed to Michael is the cloth made by Michael Bush. But I still thank people involving in this , on the stage and behind the scene who did this for the sake of preserving Michael’s legacy!! Next time, try to think about his love for humanity and his out cry for the sufferings of other human beings in your work and above of all his faith in God!!!!!!!! Only then you can deliver a show near to Michael’s!! As long as you did it for money and fame and worldly powers,it’s doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what, the whole industry should be ashamed, you resisted him when he was alive. And you plotted against him and you are the cause of his death. You lost him and one day you will know that people found out they want real Michael, not your fake tricks. You only upset people who love Michael more. You are doomed, Sony and the entities who plotted against him. You never treated him like a king but your arch enemy.

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