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Kenneth Lonergan has a new script and a hot cast but he is not directing. Andy Tennant is listed as the director of “Wild Oats,” set to go next month. What a cast, too: I’m told Sarah Jessica Parker, Donald Sutherland, Shirley MacLaine, and Jessica Lange are all on board. I do believe that’s three Oscar winners. If Donald Sutherland doesn’t have an Oscar just pretend he does. He should have had one a long time ago. Alan Arkin was previously attached.

The story revolves around MacLaine and Lange. They accidentally receive a $5 million social security check that has too many zero’s– it’s supposed to be $50,000. They take off on a grand adventure that takes them to the Canary Islands.

Lonergan and Tennant aren’t two names often written in the same sentence. On the imdb first timers Gary Kanew and Claudia Myers are listed as the writers. My guess is SJP brought close family pal Lonergan in to polish things up. That’s a good idea because Tennant makes commercial films  like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Hitch.”  A Lonergan rewrite could only help him get a better movie.

Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and Michael Mailer are listed among a crowd of producers.

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