It’s “X Men: Days of Future Past” weekend in New York. That means press junket, screening, press conference. The report from today’s press conference is that director Bryan Singer has been erased entirely from the proceedings. There was not only no appearance by him, but no mention of his name. According to my sources, there was no mention of a director at all.

Singer, of course, recused himself from all press doings after lawsuits were filed against him last month alleging sexual misbehavior with underage boys. Singer denies the charges. But his participation in the promotion of “Days of Future Past” would have distracted everyone.

Still, it’s a little weird that no one even refers to him. Did the movie direct itself?

One other thing: I am told by people who saw the film that when the X Men travel back in time, Richard Nixon is regarded as a “good guy.” I don’t know what that means, but it can’t be good.

We’ll have a more official report later from the “X Men” junket…


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