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This weekend it’s time for the annual Robin Hood Foundation gala. This is a dinner for multi-billionaires who donate large chunks of money, place humungous bids on auction items like a week on a remote island while being serenaded by the Rolling Stones. Stuff like that. The Foundation dispensed around $135 million a year to causes in the New York area in 2012

But it’s also good to work at the Robin Hood Foundation. It’s not like their executives are Mother Theresa. At least a dozen people on the staff earn more than $250,000 a year– a lot more. One of them is Mark Bezos, brother of Amazon founder and multibillionaire Jeff Bezos. He gets $371.000 a year according to the Robin Hood tax filing for 2012.

Mark Bezos is often written about because he’s a volunteer firefighter in Westchester County, New York. (He lives with his family in way upscale Scarsdale, far from the not exactly Sherwood Forest.) He may be the highest paid volunteer firefighter in the world. Mark Bezos is also on the board of the Bezos Family Foundation.

Bezos is not the highest paid Robin Hood exec. That distinction goes to David Saltzman– $646,406.  Runners up are Michael Weinstein at $523,328; and Deborah Winshel, $502,377. The lowest salary among the dozen is $256,599.

Total salaries for Robin Hood come to $15 million.

Nice work, if you can get it.

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