Home Television Fox TV Forced to Renew “American Idol” As They Cancel Many Shows

Fox TV is renewing “American Idol.” Why? They have no choice. Today they also cancelled a bunch of shows including “Dads,” “Enlisted,” “Surviving Jack,” and “Rake” with Greg Kinnear. They had already cancelled “Almost Human.”

If they weren’t in total bind, Fox would probably cancel “The Mindy Project” and “Brooklyn 999.” At least those shows are considered hip. But their ratings are terrible. “Idol” ratings are in the toilet, as we all know. But Fox can’t just show test patterns all night– or more science classes with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

As for “Idol,” there aren’t too many more changes that can be made to pump up ratings. The show is what it is. It will die a slow death unless they find better contestants. In all likelihood, the judges (Lopez, Urban, Connick) will return along with Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson as a mentor.

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