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Pop, pop pop music. Everyone used to want pop music. But now, not so much. With very little new product, and nothing at all from name acts. the pop sales of CDs last week was dismal. The top 10 sold a total of around 320,000 copies– and a third of those were “Frozen” soundtracks. The rest was pretty much a loss, with everything from number 20 down selling fewer than 10,000 copies each– all the way to number 50, by some act called Schoolboy Q. They sold 5,545 copies– that’s not enough to buy lunch at their school.

This week’s new releases didn’t amount to much. Next week, May 13th, gives us Michael Jackson’s
“Xscape” album. All eyes will be on that release. If Jackson doesn’t knock “Frozen” off, there will be a lot of sobbing. Coldplay comes on Monday the 19th, and Mariah Carey is set for May 27th.

Otherwise, there is very little going on. No releases from real marquee names. Nothing exciting or buzz worthy. The senior set — McCartney, the Stones, Elton, — are all out working. All the Usual Suspects– Rihanna, Eminem, Beyonce, Jay Z, et al– had their releases. “American Idol” isn’t producing superstars anymore. There isn’t much in the way of artist development.

The whole business waits for Adele. It’s like waiting for Godot. Or “Frozen 2.”

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  1. Interestingly the Black Keys actually debuted at #1 ahead of Michael Jackson and Frozen. “A lot of sobbing?” Really, this was so poorly written…as mentioned above not knowing who Schoolboy Q is? How do you define pop music anyway? Does it include everything from country to alternative and hip hop? Very very poorly written.

  2. “some act called Schoolboy Q”

    Schoolboy Q had a #1 album on Billboard earlier this year. Probably shouldn’t be writing articles about music charts if you can’t even keep up with the biggest one.

  3. well jeez, if you disrespect artists and writers with molecule per stream payments and force them into 360 deals that steal what little money they get….what do you expect? You have to pay people.

  4. I think it’s not surprising people want something original not cookie cutter music. Pop music is bad for the arts because its not inspiring and they play the same tones over and over again. Top music execs did a kick in the balls and I think this is it.

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