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Cheers to Barbara Walters. She landed an interview with Donald Sterling‘s mistress, who calls herself “V Stiviano.” Then Walters lets her off the hook, asks few follow up questions. and misses many opportunities.

For one thing: who is this woman? Her name is not “V Stiviano.” That’s a corporate alias she uses for some kind of T shirt and baseball cap line. Her real name is Maria Perez or Monica Gallegos. Where is she from? How did she earn money before she met Sterling?

Second: Did she sell the tapes to TMZ? She said a friend did. How ridiculous. Walters asks nothing about the lawsuit filed by Rochelle Sterling against Stiviano on March 7th. Did that prompt the sale of the tapes? Why and how was Stiviano taping Sterling in the first place?

Walters asks one of her favorite questions: what are the biggest misconceptions about? One of Stiviano’s answers: that she’s a whore. Pretty much, that’s what Rochelle Sterling accuses her of in that lawsuit– of receiving from Sterling expensive cars, a condo, and $1.8 million. Walters ignores all that.

Walters retires in 2 weeks from ABC News. It may be just in time.

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  1. Actually, in re Ms. Walters’ interview with “V”, one of her really tough questions is usually, ” If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” I don’t know if she should have continued with a tough line of questioning like that; although I would have been on the edge of my seat if she had.

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