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EXCLUSIVE The Clippers story just gets more and more bizarre. Mac Nehoray, the lawyer for “V Stiviano”– not her real name by the way, as I reported a lot recently– has a crazy background. In 2003 he was suspended for two years by the American Bar Association from practicing law. Why? He ripped off a nun.

Not only that: the law school that gave him his degree opened in the year 1970 but didn’t gain accreditation until 2012. That’s four decades of lawyers who received basically useless degrees to practice law.

First the suspension. Here’s a summary from the State Bar of California, March 2004:

mac nehoray

March 20, 2004

SIAMAK E. NEHORAY [#147168], 44, of Van Nuys was suspended for two years, stayed, placed on three years of probation with an actual 30-day suspension and was ordered to take the MPRE within one year. The order took effect March 20, 2004.

Nehoray stipulated to two counts of misconduct involving his client trust account.He substituted in to an auto accident case, but there was no written fee agreement. When the case settled, Nehoray received a $1,000 settlement check, but placed it in his client’s file rather than depositing it in his client trust account. More than two years later, he asked the insurer to reissue the check because it had expired. He deposited the new check in his trust account.After the client terminated Nehoray’s services and hired a new attorney, Nehoray took the settlement funds from his trust account and deposited it into his general account. The client disputed the way the money was distributed and in order to resolve the dispute, Nehoray withdrew $1,000 in personal funds, deposited the money in his trust account and wrote a check to the client. He stipulated that he commingled funds and failed to deposit client funds in his trust account.In mitigation, Nehoray has no prior record of discipline.

The accident case involved Sister Antoinette Pierre, of Massachusetts. She’s a nun, and he ripped her off for $1,000.

Nehoray is a graduate of the University of Laverne Law School in Ontario, California. It’s not Yale or Harvard, that’s for sure.

The school could not get accredited because its graduates had a history of not passing the Bar on their first try. You can read about it here: http://laverne.edu/campus-times/2012/05/law-school-aba-bid-begins-again/

I’ve emailed Nehoray and await a comment.

In the meantime: TMZ and everyone else continue to use “V Stiviano” as the name of Donald Sterling’s mistress. There is no one in the US who has that name. The mistress is named born María Vanessa Perez. She also goes by Monica Gallegos, Vanessa Perez, and Maria Valdez.

These two people brought down an NBA franchise and its multi- millionaire owner. These two people forced the commissioner of the NBA to make a public press conference, ban the owner from basketball forever, and instruct him to sell his team.


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  1. Great reporting that I dont see anywhere else.

    Clearly there was some sleazy type coaching the adventuress behind the scenes, but who knew the guy would be this shady.

    Where does this string lead when you keep pulling it? A law firm associated with Guggenheim?

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