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Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes movie starts shooting today.It’s his first feature film since “Town & Country” in 2001 (really made and remade for the two years prior.)

How do we know? Alec Baldwin has Tweeted that he’s starting with Beatty today.


I told you several weeks ago that Beatty had gone into pre-production and was ready to begin. I also told you exclusively that Candice Bergen would play Hughes’s secretary.
Other members of the cast include Annette Bening (Mrs Beatty). Matthew Broderick, Lily Collins, Brooklyn Decker, and Martin Sheen. Baldwin had not been previously been mentioned as a cast member.

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  1. He must have missed the aviator which was about Howard Hughes. It was already done Warren. You have a sure bomb on your hands. Hope you still have some money left over from Bonnie and Clyde, You’ll need it. Wait until Ted Turner passes away and make that. You probably admire him more anyway. I’ve never seen someone which such talent for making bombs.

  2. How many of the 20’s thru 40’s movie goers even heard of Howard Hughes, or would spend $20 to find out who he was or even care. Lets hope this is Beatty’s swan song into oblivion.

  3. A liberal love-in if there ever was one. No one is interested in a reclusive billionaire whose life has already been chronicled on film.

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