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“Mad Men” season 7, episode 3, “Field Trip”: Betty agrees to go on Bobby’s field trip. It’s a disaster. Henry seems like he may be running out of patience with her. Don takes a field trip to L.A. to see Megan. It’s a disaster. Megan is reported by her agent to be acting strangely, but it’s April 1969. I remind you that Sharon Tate was killed later in the year. That’s not going to happen. But their marriage, which might be considered a field trip, is over.

When Betty asked Henry if she was a good mother, I could hear the answer from Boston to Miami. How many couches were fallen off of?

In the office: you did get the feeling that if the characters weren’t under contract, and had to somehow be written into the next episodes, they would have kicked Don out. Why Don agreed to their demands and stayed at Sterling Cooper is beyond me. Raise your hand if you think it won’t last.Why Don didn’t let them buy him out and just go to Wells, Rich, Greene, or anywhere else including California, is a mystery. So he’ll come back and win the place over?

Plus, Lou is the most despicable character ever to be on the show. You know things will end badly with him.

What’s with Peggy telling Don he wasn’t missed? What’s with Peggy anyway?

Cultural references: the Algonquin Hotel, which has some kind of deal with “Mad Men.” They’ve been advertising it in their lobby for weeks. Also, Joey Heatherton. “My Favorite Martian” was heard in the background on a TV. Jimi Hendrix played out the show with “If 6 Was 9.”

And here’s a a clip from the movie Don was watching on TV, “Model Shop” from 1969. Listen to that last line Gary Lockwood says in the trailer. Don could have said it to Megan.

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  1. Peggy blames Don for Ted going to California / changing his mind about leaving his wife for Peggy. (Fairly or unfairly, that’s my take.)

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