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UPDATE: This doesn’t excuse Donald Sterling from anything he’s done or said. But it’s interesting to note that he’s donated money annually to at least two black charities a year, sometimes three.

Also his girlfriend’s name is not “V. Stiviano.” No one’s name is “V. Stiviano” in the United States. In fact no one with the last name of Stiviano is any phone book. It seems like that’s a corporate name this woman took for a t shirt and cap company. Her real name is either Monica Gallegos or Maria Perez.

As for Sterling: in 2010, 2011, and 2012 at least, he donated $10,000 to both the Black Business Association and the United Negro College Fund. In 2011, at least, he donated $5,000 to the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP. Does that not make him a racist? I have no idea. But that’s what’s in the filings, for better or worse.

By the way, his wife Rochelle must have a full time legal staff. She’s constantly in L.A. Superior Court about something.

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  1. I had the same immediate 1st reaction as “Cluster of Grapes” – this is some slimy arrangement to convey the Clippers to a favored new owner at a bargain price. What, someone illegally tapes and releases a private phone call of yours, and within a couple days, the NBA honcho is telling you you have to pay HIM $2.5 MILLION Dollars, you have to stay away from the property YOU own, and you must sell the property IMMEDIATELY for whatever price you can get NOW!!! No due process, no alleged criminal activity or violations of ANY Actual LAWS, nothing but some woman and the press.
    And Black folks? What a bunch of tools! All you have to do is dog-whistle the word ‘RACISM’, and every Black athlete and ‘celebrity’ will congratulate the NBA on taking this guy’s team away and giving it to someone else, because that’s somehow ‘justice.’ Meanwhile, they’re all over the place talking about ‘N-gg- this’, and ‘Honk-y- that’, but I guess RACIST speech only is offensive coming from non-minorities,’cause they’re sure not being banned from the games. Instead, Blacks are making themselves useful stooges to support one corporation stealing the property of another. This trivializes true racism, this is in no way just, this stinks.

  2. He donated to black charities & payed HUGE salaries & look what happened ; when an illegally recorded phone conversation was released !

  3. first he committed no crime like some athletes themselves and still they are able to play in the NBA … so he does not like blacks soooo what . al sharpton hates whites AND HAS SAID SO AND HIS ACTIONS HAS INDICATED the same , but he still is on MSNBC with his own program i think who knows no one watches that channel ….. folks we all are prejudice to a point this guy more so than others but he has the right to make or believe or express himself legally …… there are leaders in the whitehouse that don’t like black or browns and plenty of blacks that do not like whites eric holder being on of them so why should this guy be punished or anyone for that matter . is it wrong yes it is but that’s about it

  4. whatever you say in private is private . if you say it in public the first amendment should cover for any public discrepancies. he needs to lose the whatever you want to call it friend.

  5. This is a well organized shakedown.

    She just happened to be taping. She has a lawyer/publicist coach her on what leading statements to make then she run to the press?

    I wonder if there isnt someone in the background hoping to scoop up the Clippers on the cheap when Sterling is forced to sell. An NBA franchisee in LA with a stadium deal in place at any other time would be prohibitively expensive. But now……

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