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Cameron Diaz can open a movie, even if it has terrible reviews. “The Other Woman” scored $9.3 million last night and is headed to a $25 million weekend. What’s the secret? Diaz is a gifted comedian and knows how to sell a film. Other than that, it’s hard to say.

“The Other Woman” will be a big hit ever for Nick Cassavetes, son of the late legend John Cassavetes. Nick has worked hard for years with lots of films like “Blow” and “John Q,” and was even the proposed director of the never made “Gotti” film. His mother is the famed actress Gena Rowlands. Neither parent… well, look, everyone has to pay bills.

“The Other Woman” also stars Nikolas Coster-Waldaj, who raped his fictional sister last week on “Game of Thrones.” Maybe he’s a draw too. Nikki Minaj, former agitator of “American Idol” fame, is also featured.

“The Other Woman” has a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s destined for airplanes and VOD. But if it keeps clicking, there will undoubtedly be sequels. So congrats!

At least these people made a movie that people wanted to see. Johnny Depp’s “Transcendence” has transcended its bottom line. It’s a total loss in its second weekend. Out the window: $100-$125 million. Poof. Goodbye. At least it wasn’t Warner Bros.’ loss this time.

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  1. The theater was packed and everyone walked out laughing. Loved it. Don’t care what the critics have to say………..it was very funny, enjoyable and not filled with guts/gore and fantasy.

  2. Have you seen the trailer for this film? Kate Upton’s puppies in a bikini are the reason this dopey film opened so big, pure and simple. NEVER underestimate the pulling power of enormous naturals!

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