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I don’t know where Mariah Carey’s new album is, but it’s not coming out on May 6th. Postponed from last July 2013, the still untitled collection was scheduled in February for May 6th. A single, “You’re Mine,” was released to promote it. But now the album has been removed from all release schedules. Promo tie-ins for it have been upended.

One insider says it’s because DefJam is still clearing samples and guest stars. But who knows at this point? Mariah released two other singles and a fan club single in the last year, all of which were disappointments. Originally Randy Jackson was managing and producing, then the job skipped to Jermaine Dupri.

What’s going on? This is just a guess: continuing to patch together songs from various producers, as in the past, gets harder and harder. I’ve said this a million times: why, after 25 years, isn’t there an album of Mariah Carey singing standards, produced by a real producer (Tommy LiPuma, Richard Perry, etc). Carey is known for her Voice, yet the Voice never gets to sing real songs? It’s mystifying.

Will the album appear in the month of May? There’s no title, no marketing, nothing. This kind of surprise release worked for Beyonce last winter. It didn’t work quite the same way with Pharrell Williams, even though he has a hit hit hit single with “Happy.”

Here’s crossing our fingers for Mariah. The waiting is the hardest part!

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